Twitter drops the number of people you can follow in a day

The change is aimed at cracking down on spammers.

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Marrian Zhou
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Twitter drops how many people you can follow a day. 

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"Don't worry, you'll just be fine," says Twitter . The social media platform on Monday said it decreased the number of people you can follow everyday from 1,000 to 400 in an effort to curb spammers. 

"Follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow. Who does that? Spammers," the company wrote in a tweet. "So we're changing the number of accounts you can follow each day from 1,000 to 400."

Twitter has been cracking down on fake accounts, bots and spam. Twitter in October reported 326 million monthly active users, a drop the company attributed to cleaning out fake users. Twitter's also been working on improving conversations on the platform, and has add a way to appeal violations from within the app.