Twitter beefs up iPhone app with smarter photo editing

The latest version lets you easily crop, rotate, and apply a filter to a photo before you share it.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney
Twitter has added better photo editing tools to its iOS app.
Twitter has added better photo editing tools to its iOS app. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

iPhone users who tweet photos will find much to like in the new version of the iOS Twitter app.

Released Wednesday, version 6.1 of Twitter for iOS adds several handy options for tweaking your photos before you share them with your followers. The gallery icon lets you quickly choose a photo from your camera roll. You can then crop and rotate it and view different versions of your photo as seen through different filters.

You can also select an existing tweet and then reply to it with a photo chosen through the gallery icon. And you can more easily mention the names of other tweeters when you add a photo to your own tweet.

But iPad users are out of luck for now. The updated features are aimed solely at iPhone's Twitter app, as described in a recent Twitter blog. Earlier this week, Twitter rolled out the same photo-editing enhancements to its Android app.