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Turn your Pebble smartwatch into a pedometer

This free app in the Pebble app store uses the smartwatch to count your steps.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

It's not clear why Pebble didn't conclude some sort of basic pedometer functionality in its smartwatch lineup, including in the newly released Pebble Steel . But that's neither here nor there. The launch of the Pebble app store has made it easy to discover apps from third-party developers that add a scattering of features and functionality to the watch.

One such developer, Jathusan Thiruchelvanathan, has created a pedometer app for Pebble. Aptly named Pedometer, the free app doesn't require any type of companion app on your smartphone.

After installing the app you can set a daily step goal in it, and view your current step count, overall step count, and calories burned. You can even change between a light and dark theme.

The biggest drawback of this method of turning your Pebble into a step counter is that the app can't run in the background. In fact, every time you back out of the app the current step count resets to zero. Nonetheless, the app makes for a quick and dirty pedometer to help you count steps either throughout your day, or when you go on a run or walk.

You can download Pedometer from the Pebble app store by clicking here on your smartphone, or by searching the store for the app.