Tron: Legacy iPad app offers motion comic, artwork and Daft Punk

The brand-new Tron app features artwork, movie stills, a motion comic episode, and music from the soundtrack by Daft Punk.

Stuart Dredge

Can't get enough of Tron? Have an iPad? You'll be wanting to fire up the App Store this morning, to grab a new book-app from Disney.

Tron: Legacy The Complete Story went live on the App Store late last night, promising 150 pages of illustrated artwork telling the story of the film.

The app also features digital stills from the movie, and a first episode of the official Tron: Legacy 'motion comic', which offers a graphic-novel take on the film's storyline. Another five episodes are coming in a free update soon, according to the App Store blurb.

Much of Tron: Legacy's geek cred comes from its brilliant Daft Punk soundtrack, which also makes an appearance in the new iPad app. Well, two songs do, presumably with the intention of persuading iPad users to tap through to iTunes and buy the full album.

Disney has good form when it comes to this kind of interactive book-app -- its Toy Story iPad apps are excellent, albeit targeted at a younger audience than the Tron: Legacy one.

This isn't the first app to be based on Disney's sci-fi sequel, though. There's already an official Tron: Legacy iPad game, which offers light-cycle racing for 59p.

The book-app costs more: £5.49 to be precise. Diehard fans will happily pay that, but we wonder if more casual Tronophiles will wait to see if it comes down in the near future.