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Travelling to India? You'll get a free SIM after touchdown

You'll be able to get back on Facebook as soon as possible.

Getty Images

India is getting more digital by the month.

To make international travel easier, tourists will now be given SIM cards upon arriving in India. The cards will be loaded with 50 rupees (70 cents) worth of talk time, as well as 50MB of data, reports the Hindustan Times.

"The initiative will help the tourists to immediately communicate with their relatives at home, hotels, tour operators and so on," said tourism minister Mahesh Sharma.

You'll need to be travelling to India on an e-visa to claim your free SIM. The initiative will start at New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport, but will spread to 15 airports around the country, according to the publication.

It continues Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's push to embrace technology. Late last year, the government killed off India's 500 and 1000 rupee notes (roughly $7 and $15), leading to huge boosts in digital payments. Then last month, Modi's government announced its plan to bring cheap, fast internet to over 150,000 villages throughout the country.