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Tracking RFID--it's everywhere

roundupThere's no question retailers love RFID. But will unreliability and threats to privacy become roadblocks?

There's no question retailers love RFID. It promises big savings through better inventory control and reduced theft. But will unreliability and threats to privacy become roadblocks?

Privacy questions arise as RFID hits stores

Companies brace for privacy debate, as potentially intrusive applications arrive faster than expected.
September 30, 2004

European supermarket chain extends RFID push

Tesco will use the technology in more stores, focusing this time on tracking cases and pallets, rather than individual items.
September 30, 2004

Tracking technology gets a reality check

At Baltimore pow-wow, hype over new RFID technology is tempered by concerns about cost, privacy and quality.
September 29, 2004

With RFID, corporate might makes right

Retail powerhouses such as Wal-Mart gather in Baltimore to push development of controversial tagging technology.
September 28, 2004

IBM readies large RFID push

Big Blue plans to invest $250 million in a new business unit to support products and services related to sensor networks.
The New York Times
September 26, 2004