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Touch up your iPhone photos--with cats!

It's the app you didn't know you wanted but now MUST have. CatPaint provides a palette of eight kitties that you can "paint" onto your photos. Crazy fun.

"Paint" adorable cats onto any iPhone photo with CatPaint.

How many times have you looked at a snapshot in your Camera Roll and thought, "You know what would make this better? Cats!" (I know: too many to count.)

Enter CatPaint, a 99-cent app that lets you "paint" cats onto your photos, thereby adding that much-needed feline touch to your vacation shots of the Vatican, your kid on the soccer field, or whatever.

It's also an ideal tool for generating your own Lolcats images. (I can has iPhone appz?)

All you do is choose a photo from your Camera Roll or other library, select one of the app's eight different cat "brushes," then tap to place it on the picture. Not happy with the placement? Shake to undo.

When you're done with your "cats-terpiece" (I made that up!), you can save it and/or e-mail it to friends. (I, for one, plan to send lots of cat-ified photos to my buds. They'll love 'em!)

CatPaint is one of those apps that's so entertaining, it's just silly. I wouldn't mind more brush choices (eight may be enough for Dick Van Patten, but not for me), but I guess the developers have gotta save something for CatPaint 2.