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Toshiba's Thrive 7 tablet: Hands-on

Toshiba announces its new 7-inch Honeycomb tablet, the Thrive 7. CNET's Donald Bell goes hands-on with photos and a video First Look.

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Toshiba is tossing a new 7-inch Honeycomb tablet into the fray this December, hot on the heels of the 10-inch tablet it launched in July. Pricing is yet to be determined, but with the original Thrive floating out there at around $400, let's hope this little guy comes in under that.

The Thrive 7 looks and performs just as if you'd blasted the 10-inch Thrive with a shrink ray. It's uses the same 1GHz, dual-core Nvidia processor, the same 1GB of RAM, same front and rear cameras, and most surprisingly--the same screen resolution.

That's right, Toshiba packed the pixel density down enough to achieve a 1,280x800-pixel resolution on a 7-inch screen. On top of that, you get the Resolution+ video enhancement used on the original, which works a little magic on video playback.

Other features worth noting include GPS, Micro-HDMI output, microSD memory expansion, and a Mini-USB port. The tablet will come in two capacities, 16GB and 32GB, but there's no word yet on pricing.

Hit the hands-on gallery for more details.