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Toshiba leads the pack

Toshiba is the top vendor in the $24.6-billion consumer electronics semiconductor market, just ahead of NEC, a new study says.

A new report from Dataquest has pronounced Toshiba leader of the chipmaker pack.

The report says that the overall semiconductor market for consumer electronics reached $24.6 billion in 1995, and Toshiba was the top vendor with nearly $3.3 billion in revenue. That number translates to 13.4 percent of the worldwide market, with competitor NEC garnering an 11 percent market share on $2.7 billion in revenue. Matsushita was a distant third with 7.7 percent market share on $1.9 billion in sales.

Dataquest analysts point to Toshiba's focus on supplying integrated chips to products used in the consumer market as the source of its success.

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