Torture test: Can this waterproof headset survive a waterfall?

Crave's Eric Mack took the BlueAnt Pump, a waterproof Bluetooth sports headset, for a spin down a waterfall to test its bona fides. Watch the test for yourself.

The BlueAnt Pump, post dunking. Johanna DeBiase/CNET

The BlueAnt Pump is a rugged set of Bluetooth headphones meant to survive sweat and rain, but to see just how waterproof it really is, I took it for a head-first dive down a natural stone waterfall slide in South Carolina.

To shoot the below video of this real-life torture test, I connected the Pump to my Moto X and made a call to a voice-recording service while shooting a video of me sliding down the falls with the phone. The resulting footage features the actual headset audio from the Pump's microphones as it (and I) get a little soaked.

As you can hear, not only does the Pump have decent range for a wireless sports headset, it also barely misses a beat after getting submerged. The water runs out of my ear, and the sound quickly normalizes to the same quality level as we heard when it was dry.

I was also able to hear audio through the headset before it had even fully dried out. All in all, the Pump does seem to be as waterproof as advertised.

Check out the full CNET review of the Pump and watch the whole waterfall test below.