Top iPhone 4S games worth showing off

So you bought an iPhone 4S...what games should you get? Here's a starter pack.

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Scott Stein
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No surprise: Infinity Blade makes the list again. Screenshot by Scott Stein/CNET

The iPhone 4S is a bit of a tough sell for phone showoffs: there are literally no external distinctions to set it apart from an iPhone 4, not even a "4S" logo. Therefore, if you really want to demonstrate what your iPhone 4S can do, you're best off either taking a picture, demoing Siri, or playing a game.

The iPhone 4S has a bumped-up GPU and A5 processor, but few games have taken advantage of the iPhone from the ground up. Those that do offer better textures and lighting, but on a 3.5-inch screen it's hard to tell the difference. Frame rates and game load and launch times generally show improvement as well, but you'd need to be looking for the differences to appreciate them.

Top iPhone 4S games (photos)

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Here are five games I've found so far that are iPhone 4S-worthy.

Click above or here for the list. All of them have improved or 4S-optimized graphics. Some have a gigantic file size (Modern Combat 3 and your 1.1 gigs, I'm looking at you). They're all worth purchasing, and they're all good games as well as solid graphical powerhouses. One word of warning, though--they're all relatively hard-core experiences. There's a reason for that: casual games like Angry Birds just don't show off the iPhone 4S' graphics power. (That doesn't mean they aren't excellent games too, of course.) Also, for the most part, these games contain their fair share of violence.

As a former iPhone 4 owner, I'll admit the truth: it's hard to notice the gameplay difference between the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4. Partly that's because, last year, the iPhone got both a processor and graphics boost and a super high-res screen, which combined to have a positive impact on iPhone gaming. Still, if you're a 4S owner, you might as well enjoy the supercharged games that are available.

iPhone 4S owners, have you found games that have become your graphics-showcase favorites? Share below.