Top 5 reasons people switch phone networks in video

We asked you what causes you to change phone networks -- here's what you said.

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Katie Collins
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Watch this: Top 5 reasons people switch phone networks

Whether you love to hate them, or just plain hate them, phone networks -- like all services that take your money -- can be a real pain to deal with at times. Leaving them ain't easy though -- partly because it's a right old faff if you want to keep your number, and partly because they'll often promise you the world to make you stay.

Nevertheless, there comes in time in most phone owners' lives when they somehow find the guts and energy to cut the cord. But what are the main reasons they finally abandon ship? We put it to our Facebook fans to find out what brings them to the end of their tether, and made a video about it, which you can see above.

Topping the list was patchy signal coverage. Rather understandably, those of you who splash out on a phone contract and then find out your fancy schmanzy device is all but useless in your house or place of work are most likely to drop your network for another -- presumably one that doesn't require you to trek down the lane and halfway across a muddy field to send a text. Remember, all networks have coverage checkers on their websites, so you can see who has the strongest signal in your area before you switch.

Next up was cost, which is something that probably resonates with most phone users. No-one like paying over the odds, so no surprise there really. Phone contracts can often seem to offer much of a muchness in terms of phones and prices, but many of you were keen to praise Three with its cheap, short-term agreements with unlimited data limits.

Customer service also seemed to rile many of you to the point of encouraging you to quit. Ofcom has named and shamed Orange and T-Mobile as the worst network in this area, so go elsewhere if you get frustrated easily by billing woes and poor handling of complaints. Less important to you, but making the list nonetheless, were data speed and extra treats and offers that might be bundled in with your contract.

What's driven you to change networks in the past? Have your say in the comments or make the switch over to our Facebook page, where good value and consistent coverage are guaranteed.