Top 30 iPad games we'd like to see

Yes, the iPad can run most iPhone games, but with more screen real estate and a faster processor, the iPad could also make many of them better. Here's a look at 30 titles we think would play well on Apple's tablet.

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Bigger will be better for some iPhone games. Apple

The iPad may not have a built-in camera, multitasking capabilities, or support for Flash, but it does have a 9.7-inch high-resolution touch screen and a faster processor than an iPhone 3GS. Though most games for the iPhone and iPod Touch should run on the iPad, many developers are rapidly creating updated "HD" versions of their existing games to take advantage of the device's improved resolution and slightly altered layout.

From the first moment the iPad was announced, we started imagining which games could benefit most from going XL Apple-style. Of course, it remains to be seen whether all developers will charge you extra for the iPad version of an iPhone game you've already bought (though it seems currently as if that's the case). However, we're not going to worry about all that right now; instead we're just going to draw up our own dream list of which games for the iPhone (or even PC) are ripe for moving over to the iPad. Some have already been announced; some we expect to be announced. Others, well, we hope people are listening.

As always, feel free to agree or disagree with our picks and make suggestions of your own. Click on any image to start the slideshow.

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