Time Warner offers free Wi-Fi and charging stations to NYC

The cable provider's vehicles are equipped with free Wi-Fi access and mobile charging stations so New Yorkers hit by Sandy can charge their devices and access the Internet.

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Lance Whitney
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Time Warner vehicles are providing Wi-Fi hot spots and charging stations for New Yorkers.
Time Warner vehicles are providing Wi-Fi hot spots and charging stations for New Yorkers. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

More help has arrived for mobile device owners in New York without power or Internet access as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

Courtesy of Time Warner Cable, multiple vehicles outfitted with Wi-Fi access points and charging stations headed into areas of New York City as of yesterday. Anyone able to find their way to one of the vehicles could charge their smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and tap into a 4G Wi-Fi connection to get online.

The vehicles will make other stops in Time Warner's service area today. Affected New Yorkers able to access Twitter can see which areas are on the route by checking TWC's Twitter feed.

Time Warner retail stores in Staten Island and the Queens Center Mall are also letting people come in to recharge their mobile devices. All Time Warner outlets in and around New York City are currently open, the company said yesterday, except for one store on East 23rd Street in Manhattan and another in Mt. Vernon, NY.

Additionally, the cable company has opened up its Wi-Fi hot spots throughout New York City so that subscribers and non-subscribers can get online.

"Our extensive preparations for the storm, in addition to the incredible work of our employees, allowed us to maintain service for the majority of our New York City area customers," John Quigley, regional vice president for New York City operations, said in a statement. "For those customers who lost service during the storm, we have been and will continue to work diligently to restore services as quickly as possible."

Time Warner customers can check on the repair progress through TWC's full Web site or its mobile page.