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Time to preorder your $1.3 million diamond-studded iPhone 7

It's time to kiss your cash goodbye when you preorder a luxury iPhone 7 kitted out with gold, diamonds and insanity.

Brikk's Lux iPhone 7 is a real looker.


Here's your to-do list for today: Check stock prices. Take the Lambo for a spin. Relax on your throne. Preorder an iPhone 7.

Apple may not have officially announced the iPhone 7 yet, but that hasn't stopped luxury retailer Brikk from offering preorders for some exceedingly blinged-out new iPhones. It's all about the anticipation.

Brikk's custom Lux iPhone 7 options include large diamonds, small diamonds, yellow gold, pink gold or platinum in various combinations. You can also choose from 120 different scratch-resistant colors, so there's bound to be one that matches the fur shade of your designer dog, Queen Peaches.

Prices range from $4,995 (about £3,800, AU$6,600) on up to a thoroughly stunning $1.3 million (about £986,000, AU$1.72 million). On a scale from nutty to totally bonkers, that's pure cray-cray.

The upper end of the price scale is reserved for the "Bespoke Collection Imperial models." That means you can order a completely customized look for your future smartphone. Want to troll your Apple-loving friends by putting a diamond-studded Android logo on your iPhone 7? Go for it! It's only money.

Brikk says the upcoming gold-plated device will be "the most opulent iPhone the world has ever seen."

Want to hold out and see what the iPhone 7 actually looks like before you drop a fortune on one? You'll likely need to wait until mid-September, when Apple is expected to unveil the new phone.

This isn't the first time Brikk beat Apple to its own iPhone. Last year, luxury fans could preorder a diamond-encrusted iPhone 6S well before the tech giant's official announcement. Looks like it's time for an upgrade.

(Via Luxury Launches)