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Time for a New Ringtone

How hard is it to import media files for use as a ringtone?

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I have never been one to obsess over ring tones. In fact, I have usually just kept the default ring tone, which seemed enough to make me unique enough to stand out amongst the chorus of pop and various other songs. However, playing around with the phone lately, I decided to see what it would take to import a new ring tone.

As it turns out, there are a couple ways. You can import music files through iTunes, through email attachments or downloads. I chose another method though, not being an iTunes user. Connecting my phone to my laptop via USB, I simply had to select the Media Sync option that popped up on the phone and then open up an explorer window on my laptop. Navigating to my newly appearing phone, there is a folder listed right in the file system titled ring tones. A copy and paste later and I was done. I disconnected the phone, went into the sounds and ring tones settings area and there was my newly copied mp3 file, available. The whole process took just a minute or two.