Tile updates line of trackers, adds new Sticker as Apple rumors persist

Tile's trackers are getting a boost.

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Tile Sticker

Tile's new Sticker is designed to be placed on smaller items. 


As rumors continue to surface about Apple potentially launching a rival, Tile is continuing to update its portfolio of smart trackers. On Tuesday the location company introduced a series of updates to existing products while adding a new Sticker  smart tracker, all of which are available now. 

On the "newer" side of things, the Sticker is a miniature tracker that can be placed on smaller items like a remote or outdoor gear much like a paper sticker. The device, which retails for $40 for a two-pack (roughly converting to £30 and AU$60) or $60 for a four-pack, has a three-year battery life, 150 feet of range, is waterproof and features adhesive tape on the back to keep it physically connected to the surface you stick it to. 

Tile Slim

Tile's updated Slim is now the size of a credit card. 


In addition to Sticker, Tile is also updating its Slim, Mate and Pro trackers.  On Slim, the company has shrunk down the $30 tracker to the size of a credit card as opposed to a square to better fit in wallets. It also has made it twice as loud, improved the range to 200 feet and has a three-year battery life. 

The Mate line, which starts at $25 for single tracker, has been updated to now offer 200 feet of range (50 feet more than before) and the Pro, which starts at $35 for a single tracker, now covers up to 400 feet in range. Both the Mate and Pro have one year, replaceable batteries. 

As with other Tile trackers they connect to your device through Bluetooth and not the ultra-wide band technology that's been rumored to be at the center of Apple's rumored trackers

Tile's community, however, is robust and if an item is marked as lost any other Tile can help find it and notify the owner which the company says has helped it recover "more than 90% of items marked as lost."

Tile's latest trackers are available now at a host of retailers including Best Buy, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe's, Target and Tile's website.