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TikTok went down and people flocked to Twitter with memes

We must laugh through the pain.

TikTok experienced some issues, to the dismay of its users.
Sarah Tew/CNET

Social video app TikTok experienced some performance issues on Tuesday, with DownDetector showing a spike in outages starting around 1 p.m. PT. Most users reported having issues watching videos, while others weren't able to log in or upload content. The app also experienced problems when it came to liking videos and seeing comments. 

The issue was apparently resolved around 6 p.m. PT, TikTok reported in a tweet, but not before heartbroken users took to Twitter to lament the outage with memes. 

"My TikTok is down and I have no idea what to do now," one user wrote. 

Another user noted that TikTok's algorithm (which usually has spot-on content recommendations) is also suffering from the outage. The app's For You Page, which surfaces content it thinks users will appreciate, apparently wasn't living up to its name. "The scariest thing about TikTok being down is that it gave me a generic FYP," they wrote.

"Saw Charli [D'Amelio] on my fy page and I ran to Twitter to see if TikTok was down because my algorithm was all messed up," another user joked.

"Cussed my wifi out thinking it was the reason TikTok wasn't working," one tweet reads.

One user was having a really rough time coping without the usual screen time. "Minute 15: TikTok is down and another human made eye contact with me for the first time in 2 years. Don't know how much longer I will last," they tweeted.

"When TikTok isn't working and I actually have to talk to other people on my phone," someone wrote alongside a meme of an unimpressed Steve Harvey on his phone.

Another user dreamed what the world would be like without the distraction of TikTok. "Where we would be if TikTok was down 24/7," they said, along with an image of a futuristic metropolis. 

As someone succinctly put it: "how tf am I supposed to waste my afternoon if I can't scroll through TikTok?"

One word: Twitter. For now.