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Three things I hope to see at HTC's March 25 event

HTC's next big event is one month away. Here's a short wish list, of sorts, of things I'd like to see at the company's New York presser.

HTC's invitations for the March 25 event went out today, February 21.

HTC has planned a press event for March 25 at which we expect to see the company introduce its flagship smartphone for 2014 (the formal invitations just went out today). Though HTC has yet to spill any details about what we'll see that day -- all signs point to an "HTC One 2" -- I have a few suggestions as to what needs to happen before the company can hit a home run. Sure, some of these are little more ambitious than others, but that's all right. There's at least a month's worth of time for the hardware maker to work these into its plans.

All major carriers

First and foremost, can we get it right this year? Is it really too hard to ask for all major carriers to support the smartphone at the same time? Last year saw Verizon sitting on the sidelines for the better part of six months before announcing its own version of the HTC One.

For the 2014 release, I hope to see all four major wireless providers offering the HTC One within a small time frame. What's more, I expect to see the same price tag across the board.

While we're on the subject, be ready to roll with this phone. Let's do what we can to shorten the gap between international versions and US counterparts. Oh, and be sure to head off any potential supply issues or delays.

All variants at once

Suffice it to say, HTC could get away with introducing only one device on March 25. The problem, however, is that we already know there's a smaller, "Mini" version on the horizon. And while we're at it, we might assume a "Max" is on the way, too.

I would love nothing more than to see HTC introduce the entire line of One models at the same time. Get up on stage, show off the new models, and break down the whole family. It doesn't matter whether they have similarities or differences; just let us know about them immediately.

The HTC One will be offered in gold, according to leaks. Evleaks

There are few things quite as aggravating as buying a device and finding out two months later that a closer-to-ideal model is coming. I'm sure there were plenty who purchased the HTC One in the spring of 2013 with no knowledge that a smaller, more pocketable HTC One Mini was in the works. The same for the plus-size phablet experience in the HTC One Max. Debut all three at once and give consumers the better part of the year to pick the right one.

More customization

I think it would be great if HTC were to let users customize the smartphone experience more in the 2014 devices. Letting us handpick sources of news in BlinkFeed is the first thing that comes to mind. Maybe toss in a few color scheme options that blend HTC's old Sense profiles but maintain that clean aesthetic we've seen leaked over the last few months.

HTC's Double Dip cases add personalized character to its smartphones. HTC

Accessories could also use a punch-up; the new Double Dip cases are a step in that direction. While it's not quite on the level of a MotoMaker experience, it's a nice way for users to customize their HTC devices. I'm also liking some of the other accessories offered direct from HTC. Add in a bit more color here and there and I'm sure customers would be keen to buy.

Circling back to the handsets, I would hope that HTC is ready to go with multiple colors of the HTC One. It's okay if we don't have any blues or reds so long as we're able to choose from a few color options. And, please, don't let any carrier get exclusives to anything whatsoever.

If you had the chance to speak with HTC regarding the upcoming press event, what would you say? Is there something on this list that speaks to you or do you have your own ideas? I would love to hear your comments below.