Three simple new PAYG deals cost 2p per text, 1p per MB

Three is going back to basics with new pay as you go deals, complete with decent data prices for pre-pay customers.

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Richard Trenholm

Three is going back to basics with its new pay as you go deals, complete with decent data prices for PAYG customers.

Cutting through the confusion of the hundreds of different PAYG options, Three has stripped things back to one flat rate: 3p a minute for calls, 2p to send a text, and 1p per MB of Internet use.

There's no horse-trading between weekend or weekday use, UK or international calls, or varying combinations of texts, calls or data, and no arcane bundles you need a maths degree and a scrying bowl to make head or tail of.

Three's new deal isn't the cheapest: £10 gets you 100 minutes, 200 texts and 500MB, compared to 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB data for the same price on GiffGaff. But this is handy for anyone who doesn't want to worry about trying to guess how much data they'll use and plan ahead. And because credit doesn't expire, you can top up with credit for emergencies and remain safe in the knowledge it'll always be there when you need it.

"Data-hungry consumers will be the real winners," says telecoms expert Ernest Doku of uSwitch. "A MB costs just 1p on Three -- extra data on other PAYG plans can cost as much as 65p."

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