Three new Nokias, no (a)MeeGos

Nokia has unveiled three new mid-range handsets, exciting us with their strong social messaging focus but then disappointing us with the lack of one of its upcoming new smartphone platforms.

Joseph Hanlon Special to CNET News
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Joseph Hanlon
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Nokia took the wraps off a trio of new phones today, the C3, C6 and E5, three new phones running variations on Nokia's existing Series 60 platform. While the lack of either Symbian^3 or MeeGo platforms may disappoint some, the focus on social messaging and the inclusion of QWERTY keyboards in all three models is a bonus.

Left to right: the C6, E5 and C3 messaging handsets (Credit: Nokia/CBSi)

The C-Series models may have similar names but are actually quite different animals. The C6 is the big daddy of this duo, packing its QWERTY keyboard under a sliding touchscreen and running Series 60 v5. This means home screen widgets, making it sort of like a mini-N97 mini, if that makes any sense.

The C3 runs on the much simpler Series 40 platform, but if the promo material proves accurate we can expect a messaging powerhouse from this little gem. Its physical design looks like an E71sitting under a disco ball, with a myriad of fluoro colours, and Nokia is promising one-touch messaging with numerous communications options and conversational messaging (read: threaded messages) displayed on the home screen.

For business-y types who are afraid a hot pink C3 might cramp their serious style, the third phone in Nokia's announcements is a little more sombre. Like the other phones, the E5 also brings one-touch messaging, and an advanced home screen with a contacts bar for 25 of your favourite people.

Nokia Australia has confirmed that these three new handsets will be available locally in the third quarter of the year, with pricing to be announced closer to release.