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Three network will trial mobile ad-blocking next month, if you opt in

Sick of ads on your phone? If you opt in to Three's trial, you'll see them go away for 24 hours.


The Three network will begin trialling an ad-blocking service on its network for all customers who opt in next month.

The trial will run only for 24 hours during the week commencing 13 June. Customers who wish to take part in the ad-blocking trial will need to opt in on Three's website.

A network-wide ad-block service would mean anybody using Three's mobile data service would not see any adverts when browsing the internet. While Three argues that many ads are invasive and spoil the user experience -- as well as using data allowances to load -- ad-blockers are a contentious issue as most websites rely on adverts as their sole source of income.

"This is the next step in our journey to make mobile ads better for our customers," explained Three's Chief Marketing Officer Tom Malleschitz. "The current ad model is broken. It frustrates customers, eats up their data allowance and can jeopardise their privacy. Something needs to change."

Three is aiming for a full rollout of its ad-blocking service later this year.