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This wacky bra changes colors when a buddy touches it

A bizarre high-tech bra prototype inspired by "Frozen" needs two people to touch each other to change colors and patterns.

Close Sisters bras
These bras work best with a friend nearby. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Unless you're Madonna, bras are usually meant to be hidden under clothing. That's not the case with the Close Sisters Bras from Japanese lingerie maker Triumph. The bras sport a dark polka-dot or heart-dot pattern until one wearer comes into contact with another wearer. Then, the bras change over into a white and blue snowflake pattern. The wintery theme stems from the film "Frozen," which seems to have inspired the wearable creations.

"Frozen" features two Disney princesses, which explains the buddy aspect of the Close Sisters Bras. The bras come with matching short skirts with heart shapes on the hips. As demonstrated by two models, bumping hips and getting close causes the electronic paper making up the bras to change colors. The bras also come with little padded pink hearts for adding extra bust volume.

Triumph partnered with a company called Fashion Entertainments to create the bras. Fashion Entertainments had already developed an "E-bow tie" using electronic paper to change the tie's look depending on the wearer's whims. From there, it was an easy leap to making bras that react in much the same way.

If you really want a color-changing, electronic-paper, buddy-activated bra of your very own, you'll have to make it yourself. Triumph has no plans to offer the bras for sale; the company is just showing off the tech while promoting sisterhood and closeness.

Until Triumph came out with these bras, you probably associated electronic paper with e-readers. Now, when you think of electronic paper, you can think of the endless lingerie possibilities instead.

(Via RocketNews24)