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This ultra-thin sticker can add wireless charging to your iPhone

Energysquare promises to add wireless charging to all of your devices.

Josh Goldman/CNET

A French startup, called Energysquare, has created a new type of technology that can wireless charge almost any device. This includes devices that don't have wireless charging capabilities built-in, such as Apple's iPhone and iPad.

The company launched a successful Kickstarter campaign last May and is promising to ship the product in the coming months (early 2017). I got to check it out at the CES trade show in Las Vegas.

Energysquare is a two-part system that consists of a charging pad and a sticker you place on the back of your device. The sticker features two tiny metal dots (electrodes) along with a Micro-USB, USB-C or Lightning connector that is plugged into your phone's charging port. You then place the device on the pad and it starts charging. Simple as that.

Josh Goldman/CNET

Unlike other wireless charges, which use electromagnetic induction, Energysquare said it created a new technology that relies on electric conduction. This allows for multiple devices to charge at once and at speeds that are comparable to a normal charge.

The only downside is that the sticker blocks your device's charging port. If you want to charge the normal way, you have to remove the sticker. The company acknowledged the problem and said a second generation will include a port on the backside as well.

Energysquare costs $89 (which roughly converts to £72 or AU$123). That gets you the charging pad and five stickers.

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