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This smart strap transforms any watch into a smartwatch

But it's bulky, expensive and not worth it.

Josh Goldman/CNET

Have you ever wanted to turn your old boring watch into a smartwatch? Probably not, but now you can.

CT Band is a bulky and expensive smart strap that promises to bring smart features to traditional mechanical watches. The band features a small LED display and a laundry list of sensors to show notifications and track daily activities.

It's an interesting concept (and one that we have seen before), but the actual product falls short. The screen is small, the band is bulky and it has to be charged every other day. What you get is a half-baked smartwatch with all of the shortcomings of an actual one.

Then you have to consider the price. The CT Band starts at $179 (roughly converted to £146 or AU$247) for the basic leather version. A silicone strap, which will arrive later this year, will only knock the price down by about $20. This leaves me wondering who exactly this is for. You can buy a real smartwatch for the same price and get more functionality.

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