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This itty-bitty Baby Yoda Bluetooth speaker is $7 today (Update: Sold out)

A speaker version of Grogu chomping a "snack" may be the best stocking stuffer ever.


Since his introduction to the world in season 1 of The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda (aka The Child, aka Grogu) has become an iconic figure in pop culture, charming all with his big eyes, pointy ears and ability to ingest everything from frogs to alien starfish. As a result of this popularity, the amount of Baby Yoda merchandise out there is staggering, but one of the cutest Baby Yoda accessories you can buy is on sale for a fraction of its usual price today.

Right now at Woot, you can pick up Bitty Boomer's The Child Bluetooth Speaker with Snack for just $7 -- that's 65% off its list price on Amazon ($20). And because Woot is an Amazon-owned deals site, Prime members get free shipping on the quirky Star Wars speaker.

Keep in mind that this speaker is tiny at just 2 inches tall. That's a good thing if space is at a premium in your home or if you want to take it on the go, but don't expect it to be the size of an Echo Dot, as it's considerably smaller (there is, however, a Baby Yoda Echo Dot stand if that's what you're looking for). Don't expect mind-blowing sound here, either -- if you're looking for the very best Bluetooth speakers, you'll pay a lot more than $7. Still, many people report that the Bitty Boomer The Child Bluetooth Speaker has decent sound for the price, with the main perks being its ultra-portable size, wireless connectivity and adorable design.

This speaker is so tiny you could easily lose it somewhere, but thankfully, it comes with a backpack clip and lanyard so you can secure it and have it on hand at all times. Its battery is rechargeable and will last you up to four hours.