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Third gen LG L Series phones arriving in Australia

LG is bringing the L40 and L70 smartphones to Australia in the first half of this year.

LG first showed off its third generation of L Series phones at Mobile World Congress back In February.

(Credit: LG)

The company has now announced that two of the L Series III — the L40 and the L70 — will come to Australia, with the L70 launching in May and the L40 following in June.

No pricing details are available, but the series is aimed at the entry-level to mid-tier market and we'd anticipate that pricing follows accordingly.

The spec sheet for both devices looks impressively solid, with Android 4.4 a key selling point. Both have a dual core 1.2GHz processor, with the L40 sporting a 3.5-inch screen and the L70 a 4.5-inch screen. Neither device works on 4G networks.

LG has done well out of the previous generations of L Series and the lower-end market. In fact, the company attributes its current status as the number three top smartphone manufacturer to the success of the L Series.

Following the L70 and L40 launches, further L Series III models are slated for Australia in the third quarter of 2014.