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These clever earbud headphones can boost your ability to hear certain sounds

Using a 2-minute hearing test, the new Even earphones by MeQ creates a custom sound profile that automatically adapts to your listening style.


Even earphones, by MeQ


If you play a selection of music for a room full of people and ask them to discuss it after, each person will probably describe different parts of the song depending on their ear sensitivity and music preferences.

Sound quality is absolutely an individual preference. To that end, a new audio brand called MeQ launched its Even earphones on Tuesday. The earphones actively senses your hearing ability and tailors its sound accordingly for a "fully-personalized listening experience.

The first time you put the Evens in your ears, your virtual guide Sarah will prompt you to take a short 2-minute hearing test.

Don't worry, there's no right or wrong answers here, it's just a matter of pressing the integrated remote button every time you hear a certain frequency tone.

There are eight tones in total for each ear and they build in volume, so the sooner you hear it, the better your ears are.

Once your personal EarPrint is set, the built-in equalizer automatically adjusts to your custom audio profile, either boosting or lowering the frequencies you need to hear for optimal sound. Since your hearing also tends to change over time, MeQ recommends you re-test yourself every six months to get the best experience.

You can't actually play around with your audio profile after you're done with the test, but the company tells us to look out for an app coming soon that will add an interactive, visual element. Meanwhile, if you're curious about the process you can demo the test and hear a sample of the active EQ on MeQ's website.

The Even earphones are the first consumer release for MeQ, but the company plans to release more products in the future with the same adaptive audio features.

The MeQ Even earphones are shipping today for $99. That works out to around £74 in the UK or $135 in Australia, but the company is only shipping to customers in the US for now.


Even earphones, by MeQ