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The world's most simple mobile phone

Sick of smart phones? Done with mobile data draining your battery? Fed up with apps and people texting you all day and night? We have the solution: John's Phone.

Although we love the iPhone 4, we do recognise its major flaw, which should be fatal for any mobile phone: it's not very good at calling people.

If you love it nonetheless, maybe you should completely forget about using it as a phone and carry another device with you for that purpose. John's Phone was built to make and receive calls. That's all it does. There's no Internet, no fancy apps -- not even texting. It's the world's most basic mobile phone.

You can turn the sound up and down, as well as lock and unlock it. There's also a speed-dial feature that allows you to save a number to every key. But that's it. If you want to record someone's number or contact details, the back of the phone proudly boasts a handy address book and a pen.

It's available unlocked and priced at £60 to £68, depending on which colour you want. It has a single ringtone and vibrates, with three volume settings -- loud, normal and silent.

One thing you may consider is the battery. Because there are so few features, it has a standby time of more than three weeks. It charges in the normal way, plugging into a laptop or PC via a micro-USB, or through a wall socket.

The question you might be asking is: why? Well, John's Phone looks rather retro-cute and was obviously designed in a tongue-in-cheek way, a reaction against today's feature-filled mobiles that have become less like a phone and more like a computer.

We can see this being bought out of curiosity, for a certain friend named John, or as a present for an elderly person or child. If you do decide to give the gift of John's Phone this Christmas, be warned -- the recipient might think you're taking the mickey, or be disappointed you didn't get them a proper phone that can play Angry Birds.