The TAD: A ring that helps you ring

Hate using your phone's keypad because your nails are too long or looking for something to protect your wedding ring? The TAD might be the answer

Andrew Lim

This is not a sex toy, this is the TAD, a mobile phone accessory for the long-nailed or keypad-confounded. It's pretty simple really, you insert the pointy bit and then slip the ring over your thumb -- hey presto, you've got a pointy thumb.

It might look a bit gimmicky, but if you've got very long nails you'll know how difficult it can be to tap buttons -- the TAD could be the answer. It comes with three swappable pointers for different size keys -- the pointed one you can see in the picture is for touchscreens. It's not perfect, but after a little adjusting it does work okay, although it'll take some getting used to.

According to its creator, the TAD also doubles up as a ring protector, which is useful if you're going to play sports or just want to make sure it doesn't get scuffed on a night out -- or you could just wear it as a ring itself. It comes in black, white, red, pink, blue and green. If you're keen on trying it out, it'll only set you back £3 from the TAD's online shop. -Andrew Lim