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The Sims 2 Mobile: Crave sees little people

EA Games has released the bestselling The Sims 2 on the mobile format. Crave gets in touch with its inner domestic megalomaniac

In the beginning, there was man and woman, and they were called, er, Dario and Poppy. That's the genesis of The Sims 2 Mobile game, an interesting effort at giving mobile phone gamers the opportunity to play The Sims on the move.

You start in much the same way as you would the full version of the game by creating your character. Luckily, Dario and Poppy aren't the only names you can choose from, but don't expect a full range of customisation options. In fact, disappointingly, you can't even enter your own name. The options available include gender, star sign, a choice of name and -- Crave's personal favourite -- the colour of your sweater.

The idea of the game is to satisfy your sim's daily needs and help it grow as a person. At the bottom of the screen you will see a need bar that shows you your sim's six basic needs -- hunger, energy, bladder, hygiene, social and fun. If only real life was so easily organised.

The objective of the game is to keep your sim's basic needs topped up at all times by performing a plethora of activities. These include eating, talking to other people, watching TV and, slightly ickily, going to the loo.

Controlling the game is done by scrolling around the screen using the keypad and selecting options by pressing 5. The isometric look of the game is very similar to that of the original game, but the characters tend to stand around more and the interaction between them is nowhere near as complicated or interesting.

The graphics are good considering the game has been ported to a mobile but the interface can be clunky, particularly when compared to using a mouse. This is to be expected of most games on mobiles, though. This is Tamagotchi gone adult, so expect thousands of neglected sims to be littering mobiles in the near future, hungry, unwashed and unloved. -AL