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The simplest new iOS 15 FaceTime feature fixes a surprisingly irritating problem

Grid view comes to Apple's FaceTime app in iOS. Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference.

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Instead of this confusing current layout, in iOS 15 you'll be able to see all of your FaceTime call participants at once in a grid view. 

Apple/Screenshot by Sarah Tew/CNET
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At Apple's WWDC event on Monday, the world got a first look at the upcoming iPhone operating system iOS 15, and the bevy of updates it brings to Apple's popular video chat platform, FaceTime. Along with spatial audio, portrait mode and the ability to schedule calls in advance, and invite those with Android and Windows devices to join FaceTime calls from their browsers, Apple also finally added a grid view. 

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It's simple, but it fixes an irritating FaceTime feature where people on the call appeared as random-sized tiles, which could make it hard to tell who was speaking. Now, you can choose to view others on the call in a neat grid of similarly sized squares -- making FaceTime appear a bit more like Zoom. 

iOS 15 will arrive as a public beta in July, and will be publicly available to download in the fall. In the meantime, developers can download the developer beta. When you do download iOS 15, here's how to enable grid view on your FaceTime calls, as we found in the developer beta. 

How to turn on grid view on FaceTime

1. Start or join a FaceTime call. 

2. Tap the call toolbar at the top of the screen to expand it. (This is the same for both the iPhone version and the browser version on Android or Windows.)

3. Tap the Grid Layout button on the right. If it's on, it will turn solid white. 

That should move everyone into a nice grid view, and highlight the current speaker. 

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