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The quickest way to perform a search in mobile Safari on iOS 9

A new feature shortcut in iOS 9 makes searching Google (and the like) much faster.

James Martin/CNET

The process of copying a word or topic, then pasting it into the address bar to perform a search in mobile Safari takes far too much work.

First, you have to tap on the address bar, then press and hold until the dialogue to Select All shows up. Next, you have to delete and then paste in the text you want to search.

With iOS 9, Apple cut down on the number of taps and presses it takes to paste a search query into mobile Safari.

Copy. Paste and Search. Get results. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

After you've copied the info you want to perform an Internet search for, launch Safari on your iOS device. Instead of tapping on the address bar, press and hold until you see a pop-up displaying Paste and Search.

Selecting paste and search will instantly begin a search query for the text currently on your iOS device's clipboard.