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The phone I detox with

Samsung's SGH t429 is simple, but enjoyable.

Samsung's t429 on T-Mobile: Nice little phone.
Samsung's t429 on T-Mobile: Nice little phone.

From the iPhone to the BlackBerry Curve to the Nokia N95, what cell phones can to do is mesmerizing. New advances seem to appear hourly.

So it's kind of fun to mention Samsung's t429. It's a basic, plain, simple phone by today's standards. But it more than does the job. Call quality is clear, buttons are easy to push, and it seems to weigh little more than the latest dollar coin the government keeps trying to get us to use.

The VGA camera is adequate, setting up your contacts is simple, and battery time is excellent.

I have a penchant for sliders, so this one obviously appeals to me.

With my compulsive need to have the latest, most stylish cell phones, this is the antidote: one to pop in your pocket when you're running errands or going to the beach. $80 tops; you'll get it for less. I like it. It lets me catch my breath!