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The Onion uncovers Apple's new 'iPhone 5C'

A new model already? Yep, the next iPhone will cater expressly to a very important market: college girls.

The iPhone 5C: "The phone you love, broken."
The iPhone 5C: "The phone you love, broken."
The Onion

It's rare that The Onion manages to scoop other news outlets, especially when it comes to tech, but it happened today: Apple will soon unveil the iPhone 5C, a new model with a special feature designed especially for college girls.

And forget grainy leaked snapshots; The Onion has actual video of the 5C, as shown in the below exclusive news report.

See, it's funny because apparently college girls are always dropping their phones. (Anyone care to verify whether this is true? When I was in college, the only phones girls had were mounted to the wall.)

Actually, my favorite part of the video comes in the final seconds, when the reporter mentions Apple's follow-up: "The company says its next iPhone will be primarily geared toward dads, and is preprogrammed to call you anytime they have a question about the iPhone." (I think my dad already has that model.)

What do you think of The Onion's latest spoof? Funny, or off the mark?