The notch may be coming to the iPhone SE 2

One screen protector company is betting that the iPhone SE 2018 will have a bezel-to-bezel display with an iPhone X-like notch cutout on top.

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This is what one screen protector company thinks the iPhone SE 2 will look like.


Rumor has it that Apple will soon be releasing a new version of its smaller "budget" iPhone -- the iPhone SE -- but there hasn't been much chatter about what it will look like. Well, one screen protector company thinks it will take after the iPhone X, at least as far as the screen goes.

Olixar, which already has its iPhone SE 2018 screen protector available for pre-order, shared schematics from 'Chinese factory sources' with 9toMac and said "it believes the new iPhone SE will resemble an iPhone X with slim bezels and a notch cutout."

The folks at 9to5Mac found the claim a little hard to take seriously, but a few weeks back TigerMobiles posted some 3D CAD renderings based on a set of purportedly leaked CAD drawings. They too showed a bezel-to-bezel design, so maybe Olixar is on to something.

If Apple indeed plans to continue the SE line, the truth is such a design makes a lot of sense, for it would allow for a bigger screen in the same size phone -- and that would make the SE 2 (or whatever it's called) even more appealing to fans of the SE's more compact form factor.