The Nokia 8.3 phone is all about 5G roaming

Described as the "first global 5G phone" Nokia's new 8.3 flagship focuses on connectivity.

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The Nokia 8.3


Nokia is calling its new flagship 8.3 phone the "first global 5G" phone, due to the fact that it's apparently the first phone to support all 5G bands used around the world. In theory then, you'll be able to roam on 5G networks anywhere with the phone, assuming you're on a roaming plan that allows it.

But it's not just about 5G. The phone has a fancy-looking glass and aluminum design, with a shimmering blue back apparently designed to mimic the Northern Lights. We haven't been able to try out the device due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it looks pretty neat in the provided images. The front is dominated by a 6.8-inch display with a small punch hole in the top left for the front-facing camera.

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You'll find a four-camera setup arranged in a ring on the rear of the phone. It consists of a standard zoom, a close-up macro mode with depth sensor for background blur. There's also a super-wide angle mode, which Nokia describes as the "hero" of the bunch, thanks to its larger pixel size, which promises better quality, particularly in low-light situations. 

Video shooters should be well catered for with the Zeiss Cinematic Capture mode, which shoots in 21:9 aspect ratio, and lets you apply various effects to emulate professional movie-making tools.

The Nokia 8.3 is due to launch in the summer and will come with the very reasonable price tag of 599 euros, which converts to about $650, £550 or AU$1,110. 


The Nokia 5.3


The flagship Nokia 8.3 is joined by the Nokia 5.3. It's a 4G, 6.55-inch Android phone with a quad-camera setup and a price of only 189 euros (about $210). 

Then there's the even more affordable entry-level Nokia 1.3, with its single rear camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 215 chip and its 95-euro ($100) price tag. It runs Google 's Android Go -- a pared-down version of the software designed to give smooth performance on low-end hardware. It's aimed primarily at developing markets and Google now has over 100 million active Android Go handsets worldwide. 


The Nokia 1.3


The Nokia 1.3 will be the first phone to feature Google's new Camera Go, which features a simple interface, has more premium features including a portrait mode and smart storage features so you don't accidentally run out of space and miss a critical shot. 


The Nokia 5310


Much like it did with the 3310, Nokia has also reissued an old classic. This time, it's the 5310, that has the same classic number pad, has a month of standby battery and a "built-in FM radio." Nokia says it expects it to be popular as a weekend "digital detox" device. It'll cost 39 euros (about $40) and will go on sale later in March.