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The new Nexus phone is a Galaxy S4

Google has revealed a "pure Android" version of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Google has revealed a "pure Android" version of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Google version of the S4 as revealed at Google I/O. (Credit: James Martin/CNET)

Over at the Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco, the company has announced that it will be selling its own variant on the popular Samsung Galaxy S4.

The model will be almost identical to the one available in Australia — with 16GB of storage, a quad-core processor and long-term evolution (LTE) capabilities — but will shed Samsung's TouchWiz interface in preference for a pure Android 4.2 experience.

An Android OS without a manufacturer's overlay UI has usually been the domain of the Nexus range of smartphones. However, it appears that Google will not be releasing a new Nexus-branded phone this year.

That leaves the so-called "Google S4" as the choice for anyone seeking a "vanilla" Android phone.

Google said that the phone will be available from the Google Play store from 26 June for US$649. The previous Nexus — the LG-produced Nexus 4 — cost just AU$349 from Google Play.

We'll update with any local timing and pricing on the Google S4 as it comes to hand.