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The no-frills Light Phone gets an update so you can now text

Light Phone 2 is coming in October and it does more than let you make calls.

Light Phone 2

The Light Phone 2 is launching in October.

Light Phone

Light Phone, the startup behind the credit card-sized phone that does nothing but make calls, has a new offering for those of you who like the idea of losing all the distractions but need a bit more functionality to survive. 

The Light Phone 2 is arriving soon and on it you can do just three things: text, call and set alarms. The $350 minimalist mobile phone, reported earlier by Gizmodo, is available for preorder now with delivery expected at the end of October. You can use it with any carrier, or Light Phone offers a $30 a month plan.

The first Light Phone was announced back in May 2015, launching in 2016 after raising funds on Kickstarter. Both the Light Phone and the Light Phone 2 work as a stand-alone phone when they have their own SIM card, or can be used to forward calls on from a regular smartphone if you're looking for some internet-free time.

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The  4G LTE Light Phone 2 has an e-ink screen, runs on Light OS, and its 950 mAh battery lasts up to seven days on standby or three days of regular usage. It has a headphone jack and Micro USB for charging, and comes in black and light gray. It weighs just 78g and measures 95.85 x 55.85 x 8.75mm.

Light Phone 2 has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but will never be able to surf the net. That means no social media, ads, news, emails or feeds, Light Phone says.

The company is still working on its toolbox, but in future it'll allow users to add or remove functionality like calculator, music player and directions via the dashboard by the end of the year. GPS tracking is also being added to the phones and will launch in the fall, according to the company's online FAQ.

Light Phone bills its product as a tool built to serve humans rather than the other way around. "The Light Phone II is a phone that actually respects you," the company says.

It ships as an unlocked phone and doesn't include a SIM card or wall adapter. It requires a nano SIM.