LG Velvet 5G UW gets price, release date for Verizon

We now know when LG's latest will hit Verizon -- and why there's a $100 premium.

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LG Velvet

LG's Velvet is heading to Verizon on Friday. 

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Waiting for the LG Velvet to hit Verizon ? Your wait is almost over. On Tuesday Verizon announced that its customized version of LG's latest will arrive on Aug. 21 for $700. 

Called the LG Velvet 5G UW, Verizon's version has a $100 premium compared to the LG Velvet 5G that's being sold on AT&T . The difference? The Verizon model is capable of tapping into both the faster millimeter-wave  5G  and the wider coverage low-band 5G. AT&T's Velvet 5G only supports its low-band 5G network. 

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In addition to the support for millimeter-wave, Verizon's Velvet will also be available in an exclusive aurora red color. 

Verizon currently offers millimeter-wave 5G in parts of 36 cities, with plans to expand to 60 cities before the end of the year. The carrier also plans to launch a low-band nationwide 5G network later this year, but it has yet to reveal exact timing for when that network will be active.

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Earlier this week Verizon revealed that all of its plans, not just its most recent unlimited ones, will be able to access the forthcoming low-band 5G network for no additional charge. Those looking to take advantage of millimeter-wave, however, will need to be on one of its recent, higher-priced unlimited plans. 

Those on one of the carrier's premium unlimited plans (known as Above, Beyond, Do More, Play More and Get More) and looking to upgrade to the Velvet 5G UW will be able to trade in a phone that is in "good working condition" and get a minimum of $350 back in bill credits doled out over 24 months.