The iPhone is here! Okay, not here...

If you live in America then you can buy an iPhone today and make our resident mobile phone reviewer, Andrew Lim, very jealous indeed

Andrew Lim
2 min read

The iPhone is finally here. Well, actually it's finally going on sale in the US today and even though we won't get our mitts on it until the end of the year, we're still very excited. Our resident mobile phone reviewer, Andrew Lim, is bouncing off the walls and we're afraid that if he doesn't get one soon, his head might actually explode -- so Steve, if you're reading this, please send him one.

In celebration of the mobile that's so famous it's been called the Jesus phone, the God phone and even the Harry Potter phone, we've lined up all our coverage of it, ever.

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And in breaking news, our full review of the Apple iPhone is now live. Hurrah!