The iPhone battery survey

The iPhone battery survey

Ben Wilson
2 min read

In an attempt to gauge average, normal battery life for the iPhone across a broad swath of units and discern any differences in battery quality between different iPhone builds, we are conducting a brief, informal survey. In the interest of getting somewhat accurate results that don't require every user to perform a full charge-to-empty test, feel free to answer only the questions you think you can best answer with regard to usage. Also, note that since some iPhone batteries don't ever recognize a full charge, the stats listed under the Usage section in Settings can be inaccurate.

Make sure to include your iPhone LCD build number with your results, which can be obtained as follows:

  1. Put your iPhone in field test mode by accessing the Phone application, tapping Keypad, then entering *3001#12345#* and pressing Call.
  2. Tap Versions
  3. Inspect the entry next to LCD Panel ID
  4. Let us know whether your iPhone is a 7 series or 5 series

With your screen version number in hand, answer any or all of the following questions as you see fit:

  • What is your iPhone screen version number? (Just a reminder!)
  • How many hours of continuous, Wi-Fi based Internet usage can you achieve before your battery needs to be recharged?
  • How many hours of continuous, EDGE-based Internet usage can you achieve before your battery needs to be recharged?
  • How many hours of continuous talk time does your iPhone achieve before needing to be recharged?
  • In mixed usage, how long is your iPhone's battery life? (Feel free to include data on how you generally use the device)
  • Does your iPhone battery appear to fully charge? (the battery status indicator located on the upper-right portion of the screen will change from a lightning bolt icon to a plug icon. Also, in the Settings application, tap Usage and look at the Time since last full charge If no data is displayed, your iPhone has likely never had a full charge reading.

If you have the time, and want to perform a raw test of battery life, do the following:

  1. Under Settings, tap General, then Auto-Lock, then Never.
  2. Under Settings, tap Brightness, then turn brightness to maximum, and Auto-Brightness off.
  3. Under Settings, turn Airplane Mode on.
  4. Turn your iPhone off by holding down the sleep button for several seconds then pushing the slider to off.
  5. Plug your iPhone in to a wall charger, or connect via USB 2.0 and fully charge it
  6. Turn the iPhone back on, then allow its battery to fully drain, with the screen remaining on the entire time.

Please e-mail us your results at info@iphoneatlas.com and remember to include your LCD screen version.

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