The iPhone 6S may just be waterproof

Two videos posted on YouTube suggest that Apple's latest devices might possess an unadvertised feature, but don't bet your new iPhone on it working.

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Josh Miller/CNET

Apple's latest iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus may be waterproof, two videos posted on YouTube show.

Both devices have been given the full-dunk treatment by YouTube user Zach Straley. Straley has posted two videos online -- the first showing the phones being submerged in water for an hour each, the second demonstrating how the devices were faring 24 hours later.

A day after their respective dips, the iPhones seem unaffected by water damage, other than a small diagonal line that runs across the top of the screen on the 6S. Straley demonstrates in his second video that not only is the phone still working just fine, its headphone jack and charging port are unharmed. He also points out that the water has failed to stop Touch ID -- the iPhone's fingerprint scanner -- or the speakers from working.

It's unclear how valid the tests are, and it isn't advisable to attempt to duplicate Straley's experiment. With no verification from Apple that the phones are waterproof, the company would not be culpable if you accidentally drowned your iPhone.

The video hit just days after the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus went on sale last week, with Apple customers queuing up outside of stores around the world to be the first to own them. Waterproofing was not one of the new features that sets this generation of iPhones apart from its predecessors, but there's always the chance that Apple has introduced water resistance on the sly. Still, the fact that the company hasn't talked about it suggests that your iPhone should probably stay out of the water.

Apple did not respond to our request for comment when we tried to confirm whether waterproofing was a feature of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

The Cupertino, California-based company has never advertised any of its products as being waterproof, and while other phone manufacturers have experimented with the feature, only Sony has consistently been able to reassure users that its phones can survive a trip to the bottom of a pint glass and back.