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The HTC '10' phone is coming April 12

Invitations for HTC's next big phone unveiling are in!

El HTC One M9+ tiene una pantalla 2K y una lector de huellas digitales, dos cosas que el HTC One M9 no tiene.

It doesn't take much scrutiny of the event invitation we received from HTC Tuesday morning to decode that HTC is finally unveiling this year's flagship Android phone, presumably the HTC One M10, on April 12.

The invitation defines an online event -- a streaming presentation, really -- in which the Taiwan-based company will unveil the "power of 10." In this case, 10 will play into the phone's name -- it follow's 2015's HTC One M9 and the M8 and original HTC One (sometimes referred to as "M7") before that.

The announcement comes about a month late this year, if you follow HTC's pattern for unveiling its headliner phone at the Mobile World Congress show in late February.

To phone-watchers, this delay is one more indicator of HTC's struggle to stop the bleed following years of steep marketshare drop-off and poor sales.

Regardless, this industry-watcher can't wait to see what comes. HTC's execs have promised a "very, very compelling" camera, and the company is gaining interest overall with its excellent HTC Vive virtual-reality system. I'm excited to see the M10, which faces crushing competition from the top-rated Samsung Galaxy S7 and cheaper, smaller iPhone SE announced yesterday.

CNET will be tuning into the event and breaking down the good, bad and bottom line about HTC's marquee phone. In the meantime, catch up on all the latest HTC One M10 rumors.