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The history of Nokia explained in video

From muttonchops to mobiles, our video history will teach you the fascinating history of Nokia. Education and nostalgia await, so hit play now!

Pour yourself a snifter of brandy and settle into your comfiest chair -- it's time for a history lesson! Click play on the video above to learn the history of phone-giant Nokia, from its humble roots producing paper through to constructing some of the greatest gadgets ever held by mortal men.

From war reparations to tyre manufacture, magnificent muttonchops to one seriously annoying ringtone, Nokia's past is absolutely fascinating. Founded nearly 150 years ago, the video above will fill your brain with facts that -- once deployed down the pub -- will make you sound so wise people will naturally assume you're a wizard.

It's no secret Nokia has fallen on hard times recently, with its much-hyped Nokia N8 smart phone proving to be about as much fun to use as a barb-wire toothbrush, and Apple's iPhone continuing to dominate in the mobile market.

But it wasn't always hardship and failure -- there were good times too for our favourite Finns. Documented in the video above you'll see some of Nokia's classic mobiles, from the Nokia 1100 that started it all, to the achingly cool 8110 that was featured in The Matrix. Heck, you've probably owned at least one of the blighters! Hit play now, and feel the tears well up as you remember those happy hours you spent playing Snake.

These days Nokia is putting its faith in Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system. But will cosying up to Microsoft be enough to save it?

Only time will tell, but we hope Nokia is still around in 10 years' time, continuing to churn out mobiles. Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to go to our cupboard, blow the dust off our Nokia 3210, and have a bit of a cuddle.

Do you love Nokia? Has our video history left you feeling sentimental? Or perhaps you can't stand Nokia and hope it falls flat on its face. Whatever your sentiments, sound off on our Facebook wall, or in the comments section below.