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The Geek in Review: 1/9 to 1/13

The Geek in Review: 1/9 to 1/13

For one week each year, the stars align and there is harmony between Microsofties, Mac heads, Mandrake users, motorists, mall rats, men of the cloth, monorail drivers, mimes, Max Headroom impersonators, and even some items that do not begin with the letter M.

It is a week of peace, enchantment, magic, and credit-card usage. That is because for one week each year, all interested parties are too busy keeping track of product announcements from CES, Macworld, and the Detroit Auto Show to argue about why their operating system and automobile manufacturer of choice is the awesomest.

Said week was this past week, a week dubbed (if only by me) Ye Olde Fantastick Weeke of Electronicks Showes. So many items are announced, demoed, and hyped during this stretch that it is enough to make a gadget aficionado's head a'splode.

For example: