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The Fossil Abacus MobileWear Bluetooth Watch

Ever find yourself missing calls because your phone is at the bottom of your bag? Behold Fossil's Abacus MobileWear Bluetooth watch that will vibrate your hand when you get a call

Even though some mobile phones can vibrate with the force of an earthquake and ring as loudly as a screaming banshee, it's strange how sometimes you won't notice that someone is calling you.

Fossil has come up with a practical solution in the form of a watch, called the Abacus MobileWear.

This chunky little number -- coming in at 42mm wide, 52mm tall and 14mm deep -- features Bluetooth connectivity. Once paired to your Sony Ericsson phone, the watch will vibrate and display the caller's name (or number if you don't have them stored in your contacts) when you get a call. It will also vibrate when you get a text message.

We found it rather useful, especially if we had our phones stuffed in a bag or in a tight pocket. It also means you can see who is calling you before you even try to get your phone out, and there's the option to silence or end calls directly from the watch.

Where it came into its own, though, was when we needed to silence our phone at the cinema or in a meeting -- we could see who was calling us without drawing too much attention to ourselves.

It's available at Widget.co.uk, among other retailers. At £120 for the rubber-strapped version and £150 for the steel-strapped version it's not cheap, but it is worth the money if you find yourself constantly missing calls -- it's impossible not to notice your hand vibrating. -AL