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The Fitbit Blaze is getting updated with features from the Charge 2

Say hello to the Cardio Fitness score and guided breathing sessions.

The Fitbit Blaze is getting updated with features from the company's newer tracker.
Sarah Tew/CNET

Fitbit on Thursday announced a software update that will add a variety of new features to its Blaze smartwatch. The watch will be receiving two features that debuted on the Charge 2 -- Cardio Fitness score and guided breathing sessions.

The Cardio Fitness score is based on VO2Max, a metric used to determine how much oxygen an athlete can use during exercise, and is designed to help users better track their overall heart health. This is measured using your resting heart rate, age and gender, although Fitbit recommends running with GPS enabled for at least 10 minutes for a more accurate reading.

You can view your Cardio Fitness score in the Fitbit app under the heart rate section. Fitbit will also show your score stacks up against others in your age group and provide tips on how to improve your score.

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The other new feature, called "Relax" mode, is a guided breathing session that aims to encourage relaxation. Like we saw in the Charge 2, the Blaze will guide you through timed inhale-exhales exercises over two or five minute sessions to help you clear you mind and lower your heart rate. You can read more about Cardio Fitness score and guided breathing sessions in our review of the Fitbit Charge 2.

Fitbit also added three new watch faces to the Blaze. All of these updates will be available to Blaze users around the world sometime in February.

UPDATE: As of Monday, March 6, the software update to the Blaze has not yet been released. A Fitbit spokesperson confirmed that the update has been delayed and is now expected to arrive in the coming weeks.