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The Coros Pace fitness watch wants to give Garmin a good run

With a plethora of modes for tracking running, swimming and cycling plus the promise of a whopping thirty days of battery life, this smart watch wants to be a triathlete's best friend.

The Coros Pace fitness watch, available now for $299.
Ry Crist/CNET

Like a lot of us here at CES this week, my diet of fried finger food and coffee leaves a lot to be desired. Doing laps on the convention center floor and chasing stories up and down the Las Vegas Strip certainly helps -- but if I wanted to crank that exercise regimen up to the max, I might consider getting a fitness-oriented wearable like the Coros Pace, launching this week.

Granted, the Pace is probably more than I need or could handle. At a retail price of $299, it's designed with triathletes in mind, featuring multiple, dedicated modes for running, cycling and swimming. With built-in GPS, it can also track your location and altitude, but in a nice design touch, that GPS only activates when you tell the watch that you're working out. That's good for the battery -- so good in fact that Coros claims it'll last up to thirty days on standby mode. So, if you fall off the wagon and fail to work out for a month, at least your notifications will still show up on your wrist.

Thirty days is quite the claim, but even if it only lasts half that long, I'd still be satisfied -- for comparison, Garmin's latest fitness watches claim a ten-day battery life.

Along with GPS, the Pace also includes a built-in heartrate monitor, and it's water-rated for dives of up to 150 meters, too. The silicone band comes in red, black or blue, and, and you can customize the faces to fit your style, as well. For additional insight into your workout regimen, you can keep track of your goals and milestones in the Coros companion app.

The Coros Pace will be available by this spring, when it'll join Coros' smart cycling helmets in the product lineup. When we get a chance to take it for a run (and a swim, and a ride) we'll let you know more about it.