The coral blue Galaxy S7 Edge is the perfect phone for mermaids

Samsung gives the S7 Edge a coral blue makeover, but is that enough to keep its fans happy?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge's new color matches right up to this mermaid's tail.

After the Note 7 recall, Samsung has its work cut out for it to repair its reputation in the eyes of consumers. Does a stylish new color option for a completely different Samsung phone count towards that? You be the judge.

The Galaxy S7 Edge will be available in Coral Blue. While the color is new for the S7 Edge, this isn't the first time we've seen Samsung use this color pallet. The blue S7 Edge is expected to hit select countries like Singapore on November 5.

The new S7 Edge will arrive in Taiwan in November, and Samsung used some pretty strange pictures to celebrate the occasion. Just check out the image gallery at the bottom.

While some of the pictures are strange, we must admit that the phone itself looks pretty awesome in this color. But will it be enough to satisfy Samsung loyalists? As people continue to turn in their recalled Note 7, some might opt for the blue S7 Edge. The S7 Edge is a small step down from the Note 7 as far as specs go, but most people honestly wouldn't even notice the difference.

The Samsung earnings released this week showed that the company was greatly affected by the Note 7 disaster. So the pressure is on for Samsung to do everything it can to make up for losses, this includes revisiting current phones, as well as making next year's phones something to look forward to.